Group Booking

You can reserve tables from 1 to 6 people via the provided booking link below. If there is no availability showing, please contact the restaurant directly as we may be able to assist.

When you reserve a table we will hold your booking for up to 15 minutes, if you are running late we will attempt to accommodate you however we cannot always guarantee there will be seating available.

Reservations of 6 people or more
For reservations of 6 people or more there will be a £10 deposit required per person.
This deposit will be removed from your bill at the end of your night, however any non attending customers will lose the deposit.
For larger parties seating will be made available when the entire party are in attendance.
Alter your booking
If you would like to alter your booking please contact us at a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

The Scene

An open plan restaurant on the banks of the river Irwell


With Shishas available within our veranda area Scene offers the perfect post work experience, whether it’s relaxing with a drink or meeting friends for Shisha and lunch!

The Restaurant

With intimate shack style booths and cosy candle lit tables situated in the bustling main dining room, this space is ideal for corporate events, business meetings, lunches, dinners, couples, families and any social gathering.


Cozy shacks to share with your loved ones or to get a bit more privacy


Our unique semi private dining space can comfortably seat 20 guests and is situated in the middle of the main dining room in front of the theatrical open plan kitchen If you are looking for somewhere semi private, this can be booked for special occasions, business meetings and small events.